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Living Soil Organics (LSO)
We grow our seeds in a living soil environment (LSO). We regularly soil test and amend our growing mediums with natural ingredients, living predators and organic sprays.

Feminized Seeds
We make, and use silver thiosulfate solution (STS), ensuring strong female pollen & seeds.

Test Cropping
Each year we create new F1 crosses with our favorite parents from the most recent outdoor grow, and each year we test our new seed stock to guarantee germination rates of 80% and observe the quality of strain.

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Seed Strains

Grampas Meds, Citrique CBD, Auto Stoner Smurf, Big Goals Fast, Purple Tymbrim, Purple Smurf, Auto Cavalry, Blue Goals Fast, Tymbrim, Sovereinty, Jubilee, Working Weed, Raspberry Wafers


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